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9/11 First Responder: Young Americans Sympathizing with Bin Laden Is ‘Witnessing Ignorance at Its Highest Form’

‘I will call them ignorant right to their face’
By Grabien Staff


FEAL: “You know, I'm never going to call anybody dumb. I mean, we've all done dumb things when we were young, but I'll call them ignorant right to their face. And we're witnessing ignorance at its highest form right now. TikTok was ignorant and reckless. The influencers were reckless and ignorant. And, you know, Osama bin Laden didn't die enough for me. You know, I have five tattoos dated on my back. And the day he died is tattooed on my back. This is the most evilest man to ever walk the Earth and he killed over 3,000 family members that didn't go home that day, that didn't go home to their families. Those people still, many of them, haven't had closure. But it's not just those innocent lives that were lost. It was the 343 firefighters, the 23 NYPD, the 37 Port Authority. And then the following years, of all those veterans who went to war, who died in combat, or lost their leg, or has PTSD, or has a brain injury. Osama bin Laden is still being felt today, his violence, his evil, his pure hatred for mankind is still being felt today. And now it's being picked up recklessly on -- listen, I get social media, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, everybody, most people. You know, look at me, look at me. I did this, I do that, I did this. Good for them. I do it too on Twitter. I'm not on TikTok. But we have a responsibility. You know, I'm a kidney donor to a complete stranger. That's how you influence others to do good. You don't post crap that was written two decades ago by a maniacal, twisted evil piece of shit. And then say it's okay. You just don't. This norm, this norm is not my norm. And I'm never going to accept it. I'm going to live a life of giving, sharing and loving.”


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