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Aaron Rodgers Rips the Wall Street Journal and Insists He Doesn’t Have Covid Toe: ‘Classic Case of Disinformation’

‘I can’t believe I have to again come on the air and talk about my medical information’
By Grabien Staff

UNKNOWN: “First up, we’ll start with Rob Demovsky.”

DEMOVSKY: “Hey Aaron, how are you doing?”

RODGERS: “Hey, Rob. Fine, thanks.”

DEMOVSKY: “So, this is probably more of a failing on my part, but until a couple days ago I had no idea what Covid toe was. And as much as I enjoyed the show with Pat, I have no idea if you guys were joking around about it yesterday, so do you have Covid toe?”

RODGERS: “I’m glad you asked, just so I could show you the lesions on my foot here, Rob. So, if I have enough room on this camera, let me see if I can — oh, there’s no lesions whatsoever. Ah, what a surprise. No, that’s actually called disinformation when you perpetuate false information about an individual. I have a fractured toe. So, I expect a full apology from Molly Knight and whoever her editor was. I did get a kick out of reading that article. That was very, very interesting, but I’d never heard of Covid toe before. Pat made a joke about it on the show, and I mentioned yesterday that it’s worse than turf toe and it must be a bone issue. I can’t believe I have to again come on here and talk about my medical information, but yeah, I have a fractured toe. I’d never heard of Covid toe before, I have no lesions on my feet. That’s just a classic case of disinformation. It’s surprising coming from what used to be a reputable journalistic institution, but that’s the world we live in these days.”

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