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ABC Los Angeles: Riverside County, Calif. Voters Concerned After Receiving Multiple Ballots

‘Is this a very small scale problem? Or is it maybe a little more substantial than we think at first glance?’


WOMAN: "It’s really hard to trust the process when nobody can even explain why two ballots were mailed to one person."

McMILLAN (voice-over): "Cheri, who didn’t want us to use her last name, told us not only did her husband get two ballots in the mail before last year’s election,  the same thing happened again this year."

WOMAN: "Our fear is it could have ended up in the wrong hands. Our fear is they could have counted it twice."

McMILLAN (voice-over): "But they’re not the only Riverside County voters to receive multiple ballots."

ITTIG: "It had an individual’s name on it that we had no idea who that person was, but it had our address."

McMILLAN (voice-over): "Both Tom Ittig and Cheri reported the problems to the Riverside County Registrar of Voters."

ITTIG: "Is this a very small-scale problem? Is it maybe a little bit more substantial than we think at first glance?"

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