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ABC’s David Muir Interrupts Chris Christie, Who Compares 2020 Claims to 2000 Election: ‘There Isn’t a Real Equivalency’

‘Al Gore stood before the nation and actually conceded and did something very different from what we’ve witnessed’
By Grabien Staff


CHRISTIE: “I didn’t say Al Gore. David, let’s be clear, let’s remember what I said. Even after Al Gore conceded the election and went before the country and Congress and certified the election as president of the Senate, there were still many of his supporters around the country who did not believe that George W. Bush was legitimate and, in fact, voted against certification in the House of Representatives. What I’m saying is, is that this is a disturbing trend and pattern that has been increasing in intensity from 2000, to 2016, to now to 2020.”
MUIR: “I get what you’re saying, I just don’t want our audience to think that I’m not aware there isn’t a real equivalency here when you have a former president who is sowing the seeds of doubt in this particular election that we’re looking at.”

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