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ABC’s Martha Raddatz Fights Tears When Realizing Trump Will Win

‘His understanding of military policy and civilian-military divide I don’t know that he really has a plan for what he’s going to do there’
By Grabien Staff

ABC’s Martha Raddatz Fights Tears When Realizing Trump Will Win (Red State)

The media engaged in its usual hackery once Donald Trump secured the GOP nomination. That was to be expected of course. The “First Woman President” narrative had to be maintained. The media had it so bad, when James Comey sent his letter to Republican and Democratic leaders in the House, the media flipped its lid and easily went along with Democratic attacks on Comey.

The open cheerleading for Hillary was on full display in the last few weeks before election day. The shock and awe displayed by some commentators on television election night didn’t come as a surprise. There are those, however, who claim the mantle of “journalist” and Martha Raddatz is one of them.

Could she be any more dramatic? I expected this kind of behavior from Van Jones and Rachel Maddow. Raddatz should get into another profession if she cannot control her biases and emotions. Also, it’s been said before, but she should never moderate a presidential debate ever again.

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