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Abrams: Illegal Immigrants ‘Are Now No Longer Able to Elect Anyone Who Represents Them’

‘This weaponization is not only intentional it’s continuing’
By Grabien Staff


ABRAMS: "You can eliminate anyone who is not a ‎citizen, meaning someone who's a resident, ‎a Green Card holder, or undocumented. What ‎you're left with then in the United ‎States today is that 50 percent of the ‎population under the age of 18 -- I'm sorry -- ‎under the age of 15 is communities of ‎color. If you remove them from the ‎calculation then what that means is that ‎you create a whiter and therefore more ‎Republican voting base. And under the ‎Constitution if they are not counted as ‎part of the population you are not ‎committing discrimination if you don't ‎include them in the drawing of those ‎lines. Which means a school board that ‎has a predominantly Latino population in ‎Arizona, but the number of those kids are ‎undocumented or their families are, they ‎are now no longer able to elect anyone ‎who represents them because of the way ‎the lines are drawn.” 

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