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Acosta: Trump Speech ‘Should Have Come with a Surgeon General’s Warning, It Was Hazardous to the Truth’

‘Not much has changed and that was clear in this speech’
By Grabien Staff


ACOSTA: “That address probably should have come with a surgeon-general's warning. It was hazardous to the truth. There's a number of claims that are not going to stand up to the you mentioned a couple of them. One of them being this thing that he said over and over again that the new trade deal with Mexico is going to somehow pay for the wall. This just goes back to what we were all anticipating before this address and that is that this was primarily going to be recycled rhetoric from the president's rallies and his immigration speeches and that's pretty much what we got. He continued to paint immigrants as criminals and so on when they come across the border illegally. That's something he has said since he launched his bid for the presidency when he described Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals and he said and some I suppose are good people. Not much has changed and that was clear in this speech.”

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