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Activist: Asking for Evidence of ‘Racist’ Meghan Markle Coverage Proves Racism Exists

‘It is not the job of black people & ethnic minorities to educate white people on racism perpetuated by white people’


REPORTER: "I've been reading right some criticism. I haven't personally read anything that I could say was based on racism."
MOS-SHOGBAMIMU: "And this is part of the problem. And let me explain what race system looks like from what the lens of white privilege. White privilege white-washes racist and inflammatory language as unconscious bias. It perpetrates the bigotry of intolerant white people as ignorant. It defends and protects the private views once spoken as misspeak, and then camouflages racist behavior as error of judgment, which is exemplified by Danny Baker's Tweet when he compared Archie to a chimpanzee. Look, I think if you look at a lot of the critics she's faced, there are a lot of examples, it sums up to one thing: How dare she? She doesn't know her place, she's uppity. Right? When a black woman goes along with the flow, does what is expected of her, it's all okay. But the moment she exercises independent thought, independent authenticity, all independent views, she is a problem."

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