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Adam Carolla: The Left Went Crazy When Dave Chappelle ‘Crossed Over’ and Made Fun of Them

‘It’s the same thing happening to Bill Maher’
By Grabien Staff


CAROLLA:  I’ll tell you why the left can’t stand it. It’s the same thing happening to Bill Maher. When those guys cross over they go ballistic. It’s the same kind of crap Bill Maher has been getting with saying some of the stuff he’s talking about with the politically correct stuff and the cancel culture as well.”

WATTERS: “It’s comedians, yourself, maher, howard stearn. Comedians on the edge of societal revolution as Rush Limbaugh would say. And they are the ones pushing the boundaries, and this was never their role years ago. But now it looks like they are pioneers of this crazy woke wilderness. I will give you the last word.”

CAROLLA: “I think comedians always got a free pass. Do you ever see a car in New York city with diplomatic plates? They can park wherever they want. We transcended all the tol politics. We could see you what the truth was. If it was funny and engaging it worked. Now they are going after the comedians because they have zero tolerance for anyone with a point of view outside their own.”

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