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After Jason Miller Defends Trump, CNN’s Ana Navarro Has Melt Down on Air

‘Ana, you’re melting’
By Grabien Staff


MILLER: “Then why is it that President Trump is the one who is actually trying to get a deal done on DACA?”
NAVARRO: “Well, you know what, he had been trying —“
MILLER: “You are trying to go right to a personal attack on President Trump.”
NAVARRO: “Hey, Jason —“
MILLER: “You have no argument. The fact that he will get a deal done on DACA, tha the is trying to get a comprehensive immigration reform done in a way that Obama and Bush couldn’t, President Trump is going to get that done.”
BERMAN: “One second, one second. We just heard from the President. Ana, wait. We just heard from the President.”
NAVARRO: “This is not about you and me. You can’t even sit there and watch the President’s own words without calling John Berman and ‘New Day’ ridiculous, because you don’t even have the face to look at his own words. This program isn’t putting words in his mouth. That’s him on video.”
MILLER: “Ana, you’re melting.”
NAVARRO: “I’m not melting.”
MILLER: “It is is not even spring time.”
BERMAN: “Jason, Ana, hang on one second.”
NAVARRO: “I don’t say that you look like a buffoon trying to make sense of what this man is saying. This is about Donald Trump being a racist. I don’t care what you say.”
MILLER: “You should give him some credit —”

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