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AFT’s Weingarten: ‘I Just Find It Unconscionable’ GOP Governors Are Banning Mask Mandates

‘We have to reopen schools and keep them open and we have to make sure that everybody in schools are safe’
By Grabien Staff


WEINGARTEN: “And let me just say one more thing, which is, before Covid no one would have debated whether the issue about keeping people safe and our kids safe was the most paramount responsibility we have. So I just find it unconscionable what these governors are doing about this. So, do we know 100% sure whether masking and vaccines will keep everyone 100% safe. Of course we don't know, we’re not 100% certain. But what we have seen already within the schools that have opened over the course of the last four weeks, and I’ve been to 16 states, 23 different cities, we’re doing a huge back-to-school campaign, we put $5 million out there to do that, what we’re seeing is that those places that did masking, that had lots of ventilation, good social distancing, they are staying open. That’s why we have to do this."

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