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AG Jeff Sessions: Kate Steinle’s Killer Let Loose on the Streets by City of San Francisco

‘We will do everything possible to make sure [deportation] happens’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: "With the Kate Steinle thing, what’s your initial reaction? What was your initial reaction to the not guilty verdict?"
SESSIONS: "Sad. I’ve gotten to know the Steinle family. It’s a personal thing with me. I would just say it’s one of the most tragic stories that anyone could have two be holding your daughter and your arms like that, but the fundamental question, it’s time for this country to get our head on straight. These cities should not be protecting criminal aliens. They come into the country unlawfully and then they hide that individual and don’t let them be turned over so they can be properly deported."
CARLSON: "The killer is now being deported?"
SESSIONS: "That will be his ultimate sentence. We will do everything possible to make sure that happens. There are some potential other charges that can be brought against him before being deported and released. We think he should face every charge brought against him. You can be sure our department of justice is working right now to bring any charges that are appropriate. One warrant has been released on him because he has violated his terms of release and his prior federal conviction. He’s got one warrant that’s already outstanding that would hold him."
CARLSON: "He was able to kill and shoot Kate Steinle because officials in San Francisco released him from jail, despite the Justice Department’s request to hold them for deportation. Those policies are still in place in San Francisco and an increasing number of cities around the country and the federal government seems unable to do anything about it, why?"
SESSIONS: "It’s a very frustrating situation right now. I would say the federal government has this individual, was holding him and was going to deport him, but San Francisco put a detainer on him basically and we turned him over to the Senate there and they refused to turn him back over to us and released him into the city. That’s when it happened. The federal government and President Trump is crystal clear, we’re doing every thing possible to get these cities to reverse these policies. We do not believe they should receive any money, they are not lawfully entitled to under the grant procedures of this country and we are going to work hard on that. We are facing an incredible legal obstacle at this moment, but we’re confident and will continue to fight an appeal with confidence. Right now, you’ve got a nationwide injunction, you file one of these lawsuits before a favorable judge, 1 of 600 in the country, you pick a judge, you file the lawsuit, and then they issue a nationwide injunction stopping the entire federal government from enforcing these laws. We’ve got to fight this and we"

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