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Al Sharpton on Trump, Republicans: ‘They’re Obsessed with Race’

‘Because that is who they are’


WALLACE: “Tell me — I mean, if you want to understand Donald Trump’s stain on our politics, you just have to look at this flash point. Because this actually was a, well, she called him a racist. No, she didn’t. Congresswoman simply said having a black woman stand next to you without a microphone is a racist act in my view. But we’re having this bizarre debate where some people believe her — I mean, the debate is over. Donald Trump is a racist. No one is still debating that. And why do we both sides question about what is racist? I don’t even think stupid people out of industries that aren’t supposed to know better like — I don’t think they even debate whether or not a stunt like this is racist.”

SHARPTON: “And not only is that — Spike Lee makes an acceptance speech at the Oscars and said do the right thing in 2020 and the President says he is talking race — he is a racist. He didn’t even mention race. But he didn’t even mention race. They are obsessed with race because that is who they where. And I think that we need to just say, as you would say in court, we stipulate to the racism. Now let’s go on with the facts. I mean, there’s nothing else to say.”

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