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Alan Simpson Eulogizes Bush 41: ‘Relax, George Told Me I Only Had Ten Minutes’

‘He was very direct about it, it wasn’t even funny’
By Grabien Staff


SIMPSON: "Relax, George told me I only had ten minutes. He was very direct about it, it wasn’t even funny. (Laughter) Now, I first met my friend, my dear friend, George Bush, in 1962 when my father Milward Simpson was a member of the United States Senate, just elected, and I came back to Washington with dad to settle on his new office being vacated by one Senator Prescott Bush, George’s father. Then we met again when my parents left Washington and sold their home to a brand spanking new Congressman from Texas named George Herbert Walker Bush. So George and Barbara, mom and pop, did that sale on a handshake. Sound familiar?”

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