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Alec Baldwin Impersonates Trump: As Long as My GOP Contributors and I Don’t Die, ‘We Should All Get Back to Work’

‘Everybody knows that people are gonna die’


STERN: "President Trump, I have a question for you."
A. BALDWIN (impersonating Trump): "But let me just say this, which is if Jesus were alive today, he would be following Ilaria and on Easter he’d be doing yoga. Okay? That's just what it is."
STERN: "President Trump, will we be back to normal once Ilaria starts doing her Yoga videos again?"
A. BALDWIN (impersonating Trump): "Listen, okay, everybody knows that people are gonna die. Okay? Some people are gonna die. We should just accept it okay. As long as I don’t die and you don’t die, my fellow Republican contributors, we should get the country back to work ."

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