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Alexander: According to Sources, Jill Biden Said the Robert Hur Report Wasn’t Just Inaccurate, It Was Inhumane

‘She wanted to speak out in real American mom terms’
By Grabien Staff


ALEXANDER: “She said, among other things, that she wanted to speak out in real American mom terms, to say that this wasn't just inaccurate, that it was inhumane. And then she also wanted to make another argument that the First Lady did there. She said that Americans benefit from each of the president's 81 years. His experience, his expertise is what's allowed him to get things done. Quickly, about the strategy going forward, I think a lot of folks, as you indicated, say, 'You've got to hear more from the president himself.' The campaign — excuse me — the White House is focused on doing more of that, sending him out to some of the key battlegrounds. I think we'll see some of that this week for more off-the-cuff, authentic conversations with real Americans. It does expose him to the vulnerability though, is that he repeats some of these gaffes that sort of underscore this concern."

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