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Ana Navarro: Trump Has Exploited 9/11 for His Personal Gain

‘It is wrong’
By Grabien Staff


NAVARRO: “As far as Trump, I just can’t even fathom his level of hypocrisy and inappropriateness. Let’s remember Donald Trump’s own history with 9/11. This is a guy who lied about seeing Muslims celebrating in the streets of New Jersey right after 9/11. This is a guy who lied about being on site cleaning up rubble. This is a guy who applied for small business aid funds in New York after 9/11. Time and time again he has exploited the 9/11 issue for his personal gain, and it is wrong. It is wrong. 9/11 is a date of reverence. It should be a sacred date for all Americans. It’s a date of suffering and a date to reflect and a date to unify not to divide Americans. So, this -- this entire thing needs to stop."

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