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Andrew Gillum Repeatedly Refuses to Answer How He’ll Pay for His $33 Trillion Health Care Plan

‘Let me say first there was a report that showed that should we move to cover more people through Medicare for all we could save the system trillions over time’
By Grabien Staff


BASH: "Let's on to health care. You mentioned that you support Medicare for all. A study earlier this summer from George Mason University estimates that Medicare for all, that plan, would cost the government $33 trillion -- with the T -- dollars over the next decade, which obviously would require a significant tax increase. Florida has -- has a reputation, as you know, for being a tax-averse state. Are you ready to tell the people of Florida that they need pay a lot more in taxes to fund your health care plan?" 
GILLUM: "Well, let me first say there was also a report, Dana, that showed that, should we move to cover more people to a Medicare-for-all system, we could actually save the system trillions over an extended period of time. But I will tell you this, because I --"
BASH: "You could. But in the short term, in order to do that, you need to raise taxes. Fair?"
GILLUM: "So, what I would say is, first of all -- and I want to be clear about this -- the state of Florida could not take this road by itself. We would need to do it as part of a federation of other states coming together. Think of Florida, New York, California, and a few of the other larger states."

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