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Andrew McCabe: Mueller Probe Not ‘Unwarranted’ Despite Mueller Finding No Collusion

‘Does that mean we shouldn’t have investigated it? Absolutely not’


MCCABE: "Well, there’s a couple things to unpack there. It’s kind of an oversimplification, huh, I guess. So, am I satisfied? I expect to be satisfied when I get to see the report. And I should hope that all people think about it that way. So I think it’s really important to remember that we don’t know yet. We understand how Attorney General Barr has characterized what’s in that four hundred page report but it will be, you know, to understand, to draw your own conclusions about it, I think you have to do that only after you see the report. The fact, if you split those two things out, the fact that director Muller has supposedly concluded that he found no evidence of collusion, so he didn’t find enough evidence to indicate the existence of a conspiracy at the level that you would need to bring some sort of, I guess, a federal charge. Does that mean we shouldn’t have investigated it? Absolutely not. We don’t start investigations driving at a conclusion, we don’t consider investigations to have been a waste of time or unwarranted simply because they ended up in a place where you didn’t expect them to end up. You start investigations because you have an obligation to do your job and our job at that moment when we had that articulable suspicion is to conduct the investigation to ensure that we and the Justice Department, and maybe in some circumstances the world, will know if in fact that threat existed. And it’s just as valuable to be able to say no it didn’t."

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