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Andy Biggs: Dems Used to Say There Was ‘No Crisis’ at the Border, Now It’s Suddenly a ‘Concentration Camp’

‘The narrative they’ve been living on has absolutely crumbled’
By Grabien Staff


BIGGS: “The narrative they’ve been living on is a manufactured crisis. It is absolutely crumbled. If you look at polling today, there’s a majority of all people and all parties and persuasions that say there’s a crisis on the border. The cohorts that come in and say these are concentration camps, those are accurate either. They believe in this kind of method — you keep telling lies about the stuff, keep making it up. To facilitate their narrative because they don’t want Trump to get a political victory there for open borders and that’s really what’s happening here. It’s astounding to me, like Sarah I was on the phone with my contacts today and they are like this is crazy. It didn’t happen, and you saw that from a group of pastors that where in there at the same where she coming from?”

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