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Anita Dunn: There Is No Wall High Enough To Keep the Virus Out

‘What is going on in India is something that we have to worry about’
By Grabien Staff


DUNN: "So to be clear, there isn’t some huge warehouse filled with astrazeneca vaccines that we could just release at a moment’s notice. The president earlier this week did announce he’s going to use the astrazeneca vaccines that this country has ordered that have not been cleared as you pointed out for use in the United States. But that he is going to share them with the world. So India and other countries as well. Because this is, as he said in his speech, this virus isn’t going to be kept out by any wall. There is no wall high enough to keep the virus out. It is a global health emergency. And so the president has said we have enough vaccine in the United States without astrazeneca to vaccinate everybody who is eligible right now, those are people who are 16 years and older and if you haven’t gotten your vaccine, it is the single best way to get back to normal in this country. But in terms of the astrazeneca, as soon as it is ready to be shared with the world, we plan to share it. The president has said that. We also had our first aid flights to India land there on Friday. They will continue. We are getting them essential products that they need urgently, oxygen and ppe. It is a global health crisis. And what is going on in India is something that we have to worry about for the rest of the world add well."

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