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Anthony Fauci: ‘Unlikely’ We’ll Ever Know Where Covid Came From

‘I think you’ve got to keep an open mind for every possibility’
By Grabien Staff


FAUCI: “If you look at what scientists from all over the world -- and the conspiracy is that I -- I -- I sort of have the scientist on a string, and I'm telling them what to do. Did you ever try and figure out what a German or a Swedish scientists would tell me if I told them what to do? I don't think it's for public consumption where they would tell -- (Laughter) -- where they would tell me to go. They don't listen. They have their own independent mind. And the vast majority of those people feel that you want to keep an open mind that it could have been anything that happened. But the evidence that they have been working on for years strongly favors a natural occurrence. Does that mean it couldn't be a lab leak? Absolutely. I have a totally open mind to that. But an open mind doesn't mean there's equal probabilities of something happening. Because you've got to look at what is the evidence and what are the data for one thing versus another. And when the data gives you something in the -- in the certain direction, you accept the data. Will you ever be able to definitively prove something like that today? Unlikely. Unlikely.”

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