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Anti-Trump Protesters Savagely Beat Trump Supporters at Berkeley

Protesters clad in all black are being seen beating up anyone wearing red, white, and blue

At a violent protest still unfolding at University of California, Berkley, anti-Trump activists are seeking out and savagely beating up Trump any supporters they come across. 

Large numbers of both anti-Trump and pro-Trump are facing off at the protest, ostensibly organized on Tax Day to call for Trump to release his tax returns.

Unlike the recent violence that erupted at Berkeley in protest of a scheduled speech from Milo Yianoppolis -- where zero arrests were made -- 15 protesters have already been arrested today. 

Below are some clips of the violence. This post will be updated as the chaos continue.

Here one man wearing red, white, and blue is being ganged up on my anti-Trump activists clad in all black:




Here are almost a dozen anti-Trump activists beating an apparent Trump supporter:




Here anti-Trump activists are using skateboards and helmets to beat Trump supporters (some of whom appear to be trying to fight back, despite being heavily outnumbered):




Here a Trump supporter is left bloodied after being attacked:




Here is another Trump supporter being attacked:




MSNBC interrupted its interview with a congressman to show violence unfolding:





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