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AOC Blames Trump for Coronavirus-Related Deaths Among Illegal Immigrants in NYC

‘The casualties that we are seeing are again not just due to Coronavirus, there are people dying unnecessarily’


OCASIO-CORTEZ: “Billions more — by the way, these undocumented workers pay billions more in taxes than Facebook does, than Amazon does, and then many other corporations do. And so when it comes to contributions to our public systems, they do far more than these — than these corporations do. And it's extraordinarily important that they have safe access to our public health system. And by the way, it shouldn't just be for COVID-19 cases. Our public health system should be free at the point of service for every single person in this country. There are folks that are saying, 'You'll get paid sick leave if it's COVID-19-related, as we're seeing with Amazon. They'll take your fever. If you don't have a test, then you will not be paid, you will not receive paid sick leave. We should have universal systems where every person can see the doctor free of charge when they need to see it, so they can get the care that they need. That is what it means to live in an advanced and modern and humane society. And so long as we don't do that, we have not earned the right to call ourselves one."

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