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AOC Blames America’s ‘Climate Policy’ for Central Americans Fleeing Their Countries

‘They are experiencing the ravages the most right now’


OCASIO-CORTEZ: "And there are — there’s a great deal of political violence, et cetera. And people leave because they believe that they have greater chance of being targeted, killed, murdered if they stay than the odds of them being killed if they go on that journey. So they know that this journey is dangerous. What we as a country, what the United States has not done is actually own up to the fact that we have contributed to regime change, destabilization and interventionist foreign policy that has contributed to these awful conditions throughout Latin America. And the reason that it’s a problem — and this is not just U.S. supporting regime change. This is also climate policy that is impacting the global south disproportionately. Even though these farmers and these folks in Central and South America contributed to climate change the least in terms of their carbon emissions, they are experiencing the ravages the most right now, and first. So U.S. climate policy has contributed to this.“

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