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AOC on the Capitol Hill Riot: ‘We Came Close to Half of the House Dying’

‘That’s how serious it is’

CORTEZ: "Well, you know, I think there’s a couple things. One is we have to understand that what happened on Wednesday was insurrection against the United States. That is what – that’s what donald j. Trump engaged in and those who stormed the capitol engaged in. The process of healing is separate and in fact requires accountability. And so if we allow insurrection against impunity, with no accountability, we are inviting it to happen again. That’s how serious it is. I don’t believe that perhaps my colleagues weren’t in that room, perhaps my colleagues were not fully present for the events on Wednesday, but half – we came close to half of the house nearly dying on Wednesday. And if a foreign head of state, if another head of state came in and ordered an attack on the United States congress, would we say that should not be prosecuted? Would we say there should be no response to that? No. It’s an act of insurrection. It’s an act of hostility and we must have accountability because without it it will happen again."

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