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AOC: Citizenship Question ‘Magically Added’ to Census After a Political Operative Detailed ‘an Intent to Intimidate Racial and Immigrant Communities’

‘What I want to know is why this question was added, why 2 years have been shaved off that 5-year process’
By Grabien Staff


OCASIO-CORTEZ: “It's not that I want to --  this is not about whether or not I want to know who is a citizen in the United States or not, what I want to know is why after why this question was added why 2 years have been shaved off of that 5 year process? I want to know why we have skipped every normal mandated procedure in testing how this question gets added in the census? I want to know why it was -- why this question was magically added after we have seen that a political operative knew and detailed an intent to intimidate racial and immigrant communities for a partisan purpose, saying this will hurt Democrats and help Republicans, that's what I want to know."

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