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AOC: Flooding These Days Is ‘Unprecedented’ Due to Climate Change

‘That’s going to take a massive Green New Deal in order to preserve the lives ...’
By Grabien Staff


OCASIO-CORTEZ: "This morning with doors talking folks out here and morning in. Last night wearing Council Bluffs and I think especially here in Iowa and I’ve been talking a so many. People here and families. That are in agricultural industry are impacted. I food farming it sent track patents. This is a real threat that’s right here that we’re dealing with today. We’re not talking about just what we’re gonna have to deal with in ten years or ten that what’s happening right now with unprecedented flooding. In the midwest people are still trying to recover. And Avant and we need a real plan and that’s not just disaster recovery. But disaster prevention and that’s going to take a massive green new deal in order to preserve the lives of came in Kamensky."

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