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AOC: Texas’s Pro-Life Law Is Designed to Perpetuate ‘Rape Culture’

‘The majority of people who are raped and who are sexually assaulted are assaulted by someone that they know’


OCASIO-CORTEZ: “And these aren't just predators that are walking around the streets at night. They are people's uncles, they are teachers, they are family friends, and when something like that happens, it takes a very long time, first of all, for any victim to come forward. And second of all, when a victim comes forward, they don't necessarily want to bring their case into the carceral system. They don't want to re-traumatize themselves by going to court, they don't necessarily all want to report a family friend to a police precinct, let alone in the immediate aftermath of the trauma of a sexual assault. And so while some victims do use that recourse, and that is something that is completely available, and if that is part of their process, that's great. But this idea that we're going to, quote-unquote, 'end rape,' when the same type of frankly, rape culture and the same type of misogynistic culture that informed this abortion law to begin with is also — you know, those beliefs are held by the Governor himself and this Texas State Legislature. Frankly, there are many people in power, as we know from the #MeToo movement, that commit sexual assault, that help their friends cover up those crimes. And some of them even serve in the same state legislatures that are voting on these anti — you know, just these anti-choice bills. It's awful and he speaks from such a place of deep ignorance. And it's not just ignorance, it is ignorance that is hurting people across this country."

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