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AOC: We Must Combat ‘White Supremacy’ to Fix Climate Change

‘Directly, consciously, combating white supremacy in the United States of America’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) says to fix climate change the government must provide Americans with clothing, education, and a living wage.

The country must also snuff out “white supremacy” if we’re to combat climate change, AOC said. “Because, I, for the life of me cannot understand why we are panicked about what we get so panicked about, terrorist activity all over the world — and we don’t seem to recognize it in our own backyard.”

Speaking after author Naomi Klein — who also said defeating “white supremacy” is a necessary precondition for stopping climate change — AOC said of climate-focused strategies: “And what Naomi talked about as well, is directly, consciously, combating white supremacy in the United States of America.”

AOC said any counter climate change plan must “adhere to principles of universality.”

“That means I want you clothed, I want you educated, I want you paid a living wage no ifs and or buts,” she said at the Des Moines, Iowa rally for Bernie Sanders.  

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