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April Ryan Brings Up Race When Asking Sec. Granholm About Gas Price Variance by Region

Granholm: ‘There are definitely differences in terms of infrastructure’
By Grabien Staff


RYAN: “But specifically, the urban areas. Because there was still a big pinch in urban areas with these gas prices when the outlying communities, particularly majority white communities, were seeing the drop to $3, and many of these urban areas were seeing $4 and $5 gas prices. Could you speak to that?”

GRANHOLM: “Yeah, here’s what I would say, is that, obviously, gas station owners are often indi- — they’re often owned by individuals. Most of them are not part of the branded oil companies. Most of them are owned by individuals. And so, if an individual is taking advantage in a region, that is something that for sure — I know I did when I was an attorney general — local attorney — I mean, state attorney generals should go after because gouging is illegal.”

(via Twitter)

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