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Ari Melber: Justice Thomas Is Not Joking, He Wants to Put People in Jail for Having Same Sex Intercourse

‘He’s not joking and this is not a drill’


MELBER: “You mentioned sex. Justice Thomas writes in the same concurrence that he wants to go back to a time where you could jail people based on the intercourse they had. You could jail, in a case that he picks, people that happen to have same sex intercourse and put them in jail for that. He’s not joking, this is not a drill, and the Court has just proven that in contrast to most of modern history, with some rare exceptions, they’re changing the standard for overturning precedent, stare decisis, to simply, when they get enough justices on the court — it is not like they waited, the Trump era feels recent, this was the first big abortion case since they’ve had three Trump justices, and they are shredding what were rights until last week, and perhaps the court’s legitimacy along the way."

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