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Ariz. Columnist on Election Audit: You Name the Conspiracy Theory, It Happens in Arizona

‘They refused to accept any results other than the results that Donald Trump won the election’
By Grabien Staff


ROBERTS: "Because we have a bunch of elected official in this state who will not stand up to the base, which is led by our state Republican chairwoman Kelli Ward, also known as 'Chemtrails' Kelly from her days in the legislatures when she dragged the Department of Environmental Security up to her home district to hold hearing, an official state hearing on chemtrails above her district that were concerning to her. This is the head of our state Republican Party here. They have refused to accept any result other than the result that Donald Trump won this election. There has been conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory about how Democrats stole this election starting out, shortly after the election, from sharpie pens were given out to Republican voters and they somehow negated any vote for anyone who voted with a sharpie pen, to — you know, you name the conspiracy theory, it happens in Arizona. It's like Groundhog's Day here, it just goes on and on and on, and we are locked in November 3rd and we can’t get out of it."

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