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Asked About Hillary’s Emails, Howard Dean Screams ‘What More Do You Want?!’

‘What more do you want?’
By Grabien Staff

SNOW: "Governor, Donald Trump zeroing in on the use of that term Friday when she said 'short-circuited.' Why is she struggling to answer these questions about her e-mail?"
DEAN: "She's -- I don't think she is struggling. She's answered them 9,000 times. Look, what you have is an organized hit group led by Rudy Guiliani and Donald camp couldn't resist getting into this who want to change the subject."
SNOW: "It hasn't just been a simple answer, with all due respect. It hasn't just been a simple --"
DEAN: "Of course, it's not a simple answer. How can it be a simple answer? It's an incredibly complicated problem. What more do you want? The director of the FBI said she was truthful and there were no classified e-mails. What more do you want?"

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