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Audio: Vile Voicemail Left to Trump Supporter After Joaquin Castro Posted Her Info

‘You are racist bullshit’
By Grabien Staff

CALLER: “Hi. I see that you’ve donated [inaudible] to Donald Trump. I think you’re a scumbag and I f*cking despise everything you stand for. I thought I’d call on you, so I got your voicemail, it’s a bunch of bullsh*t. So, enjoy that. I will make sure to post this number and extension all over the Internet. F*ck you very much! F*ck you for your racist bullsh*t! And f*ck you for being scared [inaudible]. I think you’re a scumbag. It’s pretty apparent that all you do is make money off other people’s fails, off their property, because you have no f*cking worth of your own. So why don’t you go f*ck yourself and have a terrible day? Goodbye.”

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