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Australia Plans To De-Anonymize the Internet to Combat ‘Online Abuse,’ Social Media Accounts Will Be Linked To People’s Passports

‘Police will have access to those social media accounts’
By Grabien Staff


HAIG: "Well good morning. Essentially it will work the same as a passport. Australians forced to submit 100 points of identification, like their driver’s license or passport when using social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Now, police would have access to those social media accounts and it’s all part of a crackdown on online abuse. Now users could be liable for defamation, suits or even criminal prosecution. And it’s all part of a plan hoping to deter people from engaging in a bad behavior. Now the recommendations were handed down by federal parliamentary inquiry. Their reforms are being considered by the Morrison government, with the chairman saying there is merit to remove, to remove the veil of being anonymous.”

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