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Author Michael Walsh on Trump: If This Is Chaos We Need More of It

‘Chaos is actually a good thing’
By Grabien Staff


HENRY: " So you say, if this is chaos, let’s get some more."
WALSH: “Right. There’s been too much criticism of this president for I think not conforming to the norms of what the media and the Democrats think a presidency ought to be and what a president ought to do. And my argument today in the 'New York Post' is chaos is actually a good thing. It depends on how you define chaos, of course." 
HENRY: “How do you define it here?”
WALSH: “I define it with the president, what he’s been doing, is if it's not working, fix it, change it, fire this guy, change this person, get it until you get it right. And so that’s what he’s doing and that's why I think he’s been so effective over the last 15, 16 months of this presidency."

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