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Avenatti Slammed with Charges in Three Separate Legal Jurisdictions

‘Michael Avenatti’s legal problems just went from bad to much worse’

One of President Trump’s longtime antagonists, attorney Michael Avenatti, was arrested Monday afternoon, less than 24 hours after Special Counsel Robert Mueller cleared the president of “colluding” with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign. 

Avenatti’s legal problems almost immediately tripled. Minutes after the Southern District of New York announced its arrest of Avenatti, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office and the U.S. Attorney’s office for Los Angeles also announced they were bringing charges against the former Stormy Daniels attorney and long-time media darling.

“Michael Avenatti’s legal problems just went from bad to much worse,” MSNBC reported moments after the first charges were announced. “Los Angeles is expected to charge Michael Avenatti there with other crimes including he embezzled a client's money to pay his expenses and debts as well as those of his coffee business and law firm. In addition, the U.S. Attorneys office for Los Angeles is expected to charge Michael Avenatti for defrauding a bank using phony tax returns to obtain millions of dollars and loans.”

“The irony of this is incredible because that is something Michael Cohen, who he's been going against is also -- also has been charged and pleaded guilty to,” the MSNBC reporter continued. 

In the SDNY, Avenatti is being charged for trying to extort the sportswear company, NIKE. 

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