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Baltimore Mayor and Ingraham Battle over Gun Protests: ‘Get Your Facts Straight, Love’

‘You’re funding buses, in part, to go down to Washington, and yet you have a budget deficit’
By Grabien Staff

Baltimore Mayor Pugh and Laura Ingraham Go at It over Gun Protests: ‘Get Your Facts Straight, Love’ (Mediaite)

On Wednesday night, Laura Ingraham had a testy exchange with Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh over her plans to attend the March For Our Lives in Washington D.C.

Pugh announced yesterday that she will be taking 60 buses full of students from her city to the D.C. because she wanted their voices “to be heard.” Ingraham began her conversation with the Baltimore mayor by noting the funding of this protest, which involves taxpayer money. Pugh replied by staing that money would also be provided by the private sector and donors.

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