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Barnicle: Rep. Omar’s Comments About 9/11 ‘Simply a Distortion of the Reality,’ Dem Candidates Should ‘Get Real’

‘It is just simply a distortion of reality’
By Grabien Staff


BARNICLE: "It’s also beyond just the language around guns. It's the language that they employed that indicates to the average person they have never led a real life. They have never had a real reaction things. And specifically yesterday there was an event that took place in Washington, and I'm going to raise it, but representative Ilhan Omar referred to 9/11 as some people doing some things, which is just simply a distortion of the reality that not only people in New York have lived through but what happened to the United States afterwards. Not one of the candidates spoke out about that when asked. Several of them no comment. I mean, come on, get real, as you just said, get real."

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