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Barrasso: ‘I Am Convinced’ ObamaCare Repeal and Replace Will Happen This Year

‘People have suffered enough’
By Grabien Staff

HEMMER: “Can you say that will happen this year as you just stated on taxes?”
BARROSSO: “I am convinced that it will. I continue to work with others on that, working with the chairman of the different committees, the House and the Senate. We’re continuing to work — we are committed to long-term solutions. Healthcare needs to be fixed, ObamaCare can’t be fixed. People have suffered enough. We want to provide relief. We want to help those people repair the damage that has been done to them and their lives. That’s my long-term commitment as a doctor and senator.”
HEMMER: “That conversation will continue then. We’ll try to figure out a schedule when appropriate. Senator, thank you for your time.”


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