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Barry McCaffrey: ‘Putin Is Stuck with a Disaster’

‘I think in the longer run, it is good news for Ukraine’
By Grabien Staff



MCCAFFREY"Certainly it is a dangerous situation for Ukraine. As you mentioned there, under massive attack from the air on their water, and electrical grids. More than 400 500 missiles fired at them. The good news is, the Biden Administration full – have put massive humanitarian economic, and military aid into Ukraine. And Ukrainian military, with enormous courage, has won three major offensive operations. Putin is stuck with a disaster, the logistics are not working, his – are fleeing Russia two adjoining nations. I think in the longer run, it is good news for Ukraine. But this is unfortunate incident in public where Zelenskyy got the wrong word, apparently, from his own air force general about the missile landing in Poland. But that is not an important point. The important point is a sovereign nation under massive attack of its civilian population."

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