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Begala on Trump Approval Numbers: ‘A Moderately Well Trained Chimp in This Economy Would Be at 55 or 65’

‘Let’s not compare any humans to chimps’
By Grabien Staff


BEGALA: “You have to be for something, not just against. You have to reach out. You cannot demonize your adversaries. I think the president, frankly, has been unable — he started at 46 in the election, he's at 39 in our poll today despite a booming economy. I mean, come on. A moderately well-trained chimp in this economy would be at 55 or 65."
HARLOW: “Let’s not be comparing any humans to chimps.”
BEGALA: “I’m just saying, our president should be at 50, 60 percent.”
HARLOW: “Let’s all rise above this today.”

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