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Ben Rhodes Blames the Trump Administration for Nuclear Explosion in Russia

‘It’s happening at a time when Trump administration is systematically dismantling treaties’


RHODES: "Yeah, I mean, it’s risky to introduce new nuclear-powered weapons, of course. What’s also crazy is this is happening at a time when the Trump Administration is systematically dismantling the treaties and agreements that have formed the basis of arms control between the United States and Russia and globally. The more you do that, the more you’re just opening the door to the use of these dangerous new technologies. I also think, frankly, Andrea, it shows that the Russian government, which can’t be trusted, is not a really credible voice when there’s an accident like this. As was the case with Chernobyl in the 80s, the Russian people have a government that engages in lies and propaganda all the time. So they can’t be trusted to get good information. That too is very worrying, particularly when you're in Russia."

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