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Ben Rhodes Tells Trump It’s Important to Include Inspections in a Nuclear Deal

‘Kim Jong-un could make an empty commitment to denuclearize at some point in the future’
By Grabien Staff


RHODES: "That’s right, Andrea. First of all, my concern with this summit is Kim Jong-un could make an empty commitment to denuclearize at some point in the future, but there’s no clear road map to get that done or clear inspections to make sure they are giving up the nuclear weapons. Second, the Iran template is a good thing, it had the most intrusive inspections in that nuclear agreement. That would be a good baseline to start with. If he applies the same test he did to the Iran deal and demanding that all other forms of North Korea’s behavior with on the table, the missile program, support for terrorism in other countries, we’ve seen them assassinate people in other countries and human rights abuses, that’s a tall task to be taking on. My concern here is that this has only been a couple of months. I was a part of the team that normalized relations with Cuba. I must have met 20 time with Castro’s son before we put President Obama in the room with Raul Castro. So they’re having this meeting quickly. It doesn’t seem like president Trump has done a lot of preparation, and they haven’t been clear about what they’re trying to achieve. They keep saying they’re going to succeed, but we don’t know what that test is for them, and there’s a lot of uncertainty coming out of this."

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