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Benjamin Netanyahu: ‘We Are Deeply Grateful for the U.S. Support’

‘President Trump has just made history’

NETANYAHU: "I'm so excited — we're so excited, Sara and I, to have you here, but especially on this evening. This is the eve of Purim and we have a miracle of Purim. We call it Nes Purim. President Trump has just made history. I called him, I thanked him on behalf of the people of Israel. He did it again. First he recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and moved the U.S. embassy, then he pulled out of the disastrous Iran treaty and we imposed sanctions. But now he did something of equal historic importance. He recognized  Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights. And he did so at the time when Iran is trying to use Syria as a platform to attack and destroy Israel. And the message that President Trump has given the world is that America stands by Israel. We're celebrating Purim when 2500 years ago other Persians, led by Haman, tried to destroy the Jewish people. They fell then, and today, 2500 years later, again Persians led by [inaudible] are trying to destroy the Jewish people and the Jewish state. They're going to fail again. We are deeply grateful for the U.S. support, we're deeply grateful for the unbelievable and unmatchable support for our security and our right to defend ourselves, and everything that you do on behalf of Israel and for the state of Israel in so many forms."

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