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Sanders: If Congress Could Bail Out the ‘Crooks on Wall Street,’ Then We Can Cancel Student Debt

‘If we could give a trillon and a half dollars to the top 1% and large profitable corporations like Amazon...’
By Grabien Staff


SANDERS: "The overwhelming majority of people that have student debt are working class people or lower income people, they're African-Americans, they're Latinos. They are struggling right now and many of these people, right today, unbelievably, I talk to them every day, they can’t afford to get married and have kids or buy a house or even to buy a car. There is a tremendous weight of oppression around their shoulders. They were told, 'Go to college,' and they did. They got huge loans. They were told they'd get good-paying jobs. Well, that didn’t happen. Now, my view is that if the United States Congress could bail out the crooks on Wall Street who destroyed this economy, if we can give $1.5 dollars in tax breaks to the top 1% and large profitable corporations like Amazon, $11 billion profits in last year owned by the wealthiest guy in this country and it doesn’t pay a nickel in federal income taxes, if we can do that, we can help save a millennial generation and cancel those debts."

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