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Bernie Sanders: ‘Irreparable Harm Done to Our Planet’ If We Don’t Pass Green New Deal

‘There will be more rising sea levels, more flooding, more droughts’

SANDERS: “You know, and I know that the scientific community has been very clear. And that is, if we do not act boldly and aggressively to transform our global energy system away from fossil fuel within the next few years, a very short period of time, there will be irreparable
harm done to our planet and we are united in saying we will not allow that to happen.”

(Cheers and Applause)

SANDERS: “What the scientists are telling us is that if we do not act boldly and dramatically, there will be more rising sea levels, more flooding, more droughts, more extreme weather disturbances, more acidification of the oceans and more declines in crop production. You also know that intelligence and defense agencies in the United States and all over the world see climate change as a major national security issue. Because if people cannot grow the crops they need, if people cannot find clean water to drink, there will be massive migrations off people all over the world, which will put increased pressure on limited natural resources and cause international havoc and war. Climate change is a global issue. It impacts not only the United States, but China, and Russia, and India, it impacts Latin America, Africa and the entire planet. Let me be very clear. It is absolutely imperative that we have American leadership that does everything possible to bring the nations of the world to gather to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel into energy efficiency and sustainable energies.”

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