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Bernie Sanders on Single Payer Health Care: ‘There Will Be Pain’

‘You got to deal with that pain’
By Grabien Staff


SANDERS: "You have people hounding doctors about what kind of medicine they should be able to use. So forth and so on. Will those people lose their jobs when we have healthcare-for-all guaranteed through a single payer system? The answer is, yes. On the other hand, we have a lack of doctors in this country, a lack of nurses, a lack of nurse practitioners, a lack of dentists. We are an aging population. We need more people working with our older people. We’ll create more jobs under a rational Medicare-for-all system than it currently exists. There will be a transition just in the same way as we have to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel. We create more jobs, but there will be pain and you got to deal with that pain."

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