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Sanders: Socialism ‘Is Precisely the Agenda’ the Majority of American People Want

‘Our agenda is the agenda of the Americans’


SANDERS: “Well, the truth is that our agenda is precisely the agenda that the overwhelming number of people want. Among young people, people under 29 years of age, we increased the voter turnout by some 33%. That’s a huge voter turnout. We do that all over the country, I think you’re going to see incredible gains for down ballot Democrats. Look, at the end of the day the American people want to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. They want to make public colleges and university tuition free and they want to cancel student debt. They understand health care is a human right not a privilege. The function of health care is not to make $100 billion for the drug companies and the insurance companies. The American people understand we have to deal with the existential threat of the united States. Our agenda is the agenda of the Americans. They want us to take on the corporate interests and the greed of the drug companies and insurance companies.”

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